Carly’s Happy Ending

Carly Hi guys this is Carly,we adopted her back in Feb & was d best thing I ever did.
From the moment I heard her name & seen her picture I felt draw 2 her & fell in love with her straight away.
She’s become a huge part of our little family,she was a little nervous wen we brought her home to Dublin but soon settled in,she’s always full of affection & loves her belly rubs,she’s loves going on her walks every day down the valley where we live,alot people bring their dogs down their so she’s has lots of fun playing with all the other dogs & loves playing fetch 🙂
Myself & my daughter Summer are absolutely mad about her,she’s settled in really well & believe me when I say she fits in perfectly well with our mad little family haha
We stil go down 2 cork every now & then 2 visit Carly’s foster Mammy Ella which Carly loves & she stil remembers her which is lovely.
Was so glad I was able 2 offer Carly her forever home & give her all the love,affection & attention she deserves she’s a little beauty & couldn’t imagine not having her 🙂