Bear the German Shepherd

Bear came into the care of Cork DAWG in November 2016 from another shelter. When he arrived he was walking in fleas and had sores on his elbows from lying on concrete all his life. Nobody knows what age he is, but our vet reckons he is about five years old. After treating his flea infestation he went into foster care with one of our experienced fosterers. Once in a home environment for the first time Bear was given his very apt name and was shown what it is like to be loved and warm.
His foster carer soon noticed he wasn’t eating properly and was losing weight. After a vet inspection it was confirmed that he had severe gingivitis and plaque, so he had dental work done and was soon eating properly again and slowly gaining weight.
Bear was also diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia after an x-ray. Our vet said it was a very bad case of hip dysplasia and prescribed daily pain medication for life. Unfortunately this meant no more long daily walks for Bear, only short strolls which he didn’t like and it was decided that the best thing for him was long term fostering as his medical bills would be ongoing.
The sores on his elbows have caused him a lot of discomfort and been infected twice, on both occasions he needed two antibiotics daily for two weeks. Due to the location of these sores and how he puts so much extra weight on them when getting up due to the hip dysplasia it is not possible to operate on them, so the infections will be a reoccurring problem for him.
By sponsoring Bear you will be helping DAWG with his ongoing vet fees, medical bills and food.

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